Dudu Lima Trio, featuring Dudu Lima (bass) Ricardo Itaborhy (piano, keyboards, vocals) and Leandro Scio (drums) is representative of the high quality of Brazilian Jazz and enchants the public with its innovative music.


Coming 2019 -  “Dudu Lima Trio – Som de Minas ao vivo” (DVD recorded alive in a National Natural Park, in the mountains of Minas Gerais- Brazil)


Dudu Lima Trio recently completed a successful Brazilian tour with Stanley Jordan (USA), performing in the most famous venues and festivals in Brazil, events sold-out and very well-received by the public.  

The Trio plays great Brazilian classics with new instrumental arrangements, as well as original compositions of Dudu Lima. And  receives laudatory reviews, as well as appreciation from big names of Brazilian and international music such as:


Milton Nascimento:

«Nearly dropped dead, when I first saw Dudu playing bass»


Stanley Jordan:

« Dudu is one of better bass player in the world, and I am sure that he will have admirers throughout his career... not only in Brazil, but all over the world, people will love listening to his music, undoubtedly»


João Bosco:

« Dudu is an excellent artist, a high level musician. Every time I am invited to participated in a Dudu Lima Trio show it is very interesting, because we exploit very special musical paths»


Leonardo Alcântara - Music  / Jazz Journalist:

«Dudu Lima is one of the most important names on the current Brazilian musical scene and will enchant the world with his creativity and greatness.


Erasmo de Roterdam - Music Critic / MPB Jazz Journalist:

«Dudu Lima, first-line bassist, when he embraces his instrument in his arms, you perceive a special loving relationship. Everytime I see him play, I had this clear sensation of watching an instrumentalist in communion with the music; a musician who demonstrates on stage all the love that exists between him and the music. A love that is clearly corresponded. The bassist showed his technique treating the instrument as percussion, by executing melodic themes and "chorinhos"»


Committed to environmental conservation and good causes, Dudu Lima developed a partnership with Projeto Tamar (protection of the marine turtles), with his performances and the recording of the CD


« Milton Nascimento and Dudu Lima Trio - Tamarear»

Amongst instrumentalists in Brazil, his career stands out with a number of successes, with 10 CDs, 6 DVDs, including an exclusive edition in vinyl LP for the collectors.


In his work he has performed with great names in both Brazilian and international music such as:

Milton Nascimento, João Bosco, Wagner Tiso, Toninho Horta, Hermeto Pascoal, Jean Pierre Zanella

(Canada) and Stanley Jordan (USA) 



2000 – “Regina” (CD)

2003 – “Nossa História” (CD)

2007 – “Dudu Lima - 20 Anos de Pura Música” (CD / DVD)

2009 – “Dudu Lima - Ouro de Minas” (CD / DVD)

2010 – “Dudu Lima - Cordas Mineiras” (CD / DVD)

2012 – “Dudu Lima Trio - Ao Vivo no Cine Theatro Central” (CD, DVD, Vinyl LP)

2013 - “Dudu Lima Trio – Clássicos” – CD

2014 – “Dudu Lima Trio – Ouro de Minas 2 –Gran Circo” (CD / DVD) 

2015 – “Dudu Lima Trio e Milton Nascimento – Tamarear” (CD)

2016 -  “Dudu Lima - Clássicos" (DVD)

2017 – “Dudu Lima – Som de Minas” (CD)

2018- “Dudu Lima – 30  Anos de Pura Música (CD)